What is
bottle bracket?
A Blind Wine
Tasting Game
Think you can taste the difference between a $40 and $20 bottle of wine?

Bottle Bracket is an interactive wine club centered around a wine tasting game, where members taste wines with friends and rank them by price in a tournament-like competition. The catch? The labels are covered.

Every three months we'll ship you four bottles of wine varying in price. We focus on finding small wineries with great quality wines and interesting stories, so you’ll only receive wine locally sourced directly from wineries we’ve visited and from winemakers we’ve met and loved.

While wines in Bottle Bracket are ordered based on perceptions of price, the true goal of Bottle Bracket is to discover new wines from various regions and varietals at different price points while having fun with friends.

How it works

Step 1

Join Bottle Bracket.

Step 2

Receive 4 bottles of wine and a Bottle Bracket game board.

Step 3

Play Bottle Bracket with friends.

Step 4

Input your scores to see how you did.

Step 5

Play again when we ship you more wine.

A Social
Wine Club

Bottle Bracket is a game that you can play with friends. Whether you are a Bottle Bracket member who receives wine or someone who just plays the game, you get to build a personalized profile. Your profile becomes the key to your Bottle Bracket experience. It allows you to compare your stats with other Bottle Bracket players, and records your highest rated wines!

An Objective
Rating System

Price and label impact how drinkers perceive and rate wine more than you may think. Each time you taste and rank our wines, you help us build a wine rating system based on our members’ personal tastes rather than just the opinions of wine critics. The more you play and the more you rank your wines, the more you help grow our database of preferences sourced solely from wine drinkers like you and your Bottle Bracket friends.