Bottle Bracket began as a game between three friends who enjoyed discovering new wines in California.
The Founders
Emily Gu
San Francisco, CA

Emily is based in San Francisco and oversees the design, marketing, and finances of Bottle Bracket. She left New York after business school and co-founded a healthy spirits company in San Francisco, bringing industry experience to the Bottle Bracket team. Emily’s favorite wines are all red. No whites please. Sorry, Agatha.

Natalie Johnson
San Francisco, CA

Natalie is based in San Francisco and spends her time finding new wineries for Bottle Bracket and talking about data with the tech team. In addition to Bottle Bracket, Natalie is a psychology researcher in the tech industry. Her favorite wine is from one of the first wineries Bottle Bracket featured.

Agatha Kluk
New York, NY

Agatha is based in Brooklyn and her love of wine finds her frequently in the Northern California area to assist on Bottle Bracket’s legal and business strategy. She is a recovering New York big firm attorney who now runs her own legal practice in Brooklyn. Agatha’s current favorite wine is anything that comes in her Medlock Ames wine club subscription -- white, red or pink, but preferably with bubbles.

The Tech Team
Stephanie Lauziere
Charleston, SC

Stephanie is currently a web developer in Charleston, SC. In her free time she enjoys dancing, walking through scenic downtown Charleston, and paddle boarding. She also enjoys taking advantage of Charleston's amazing food scene with friends. Stephanie's favorite wine is Cabernet.

Angela Taylor
Mountain View, CA

Angela is based in Mountain View, and when she's not coding for Bottle Bracket or her day job, she likes to spend her time traveling, volunteering, and binge watching TV shows. Angela loves sparkling wine, but her undeniable sweet tooth means you can often find her drinking various white wines that are on the sweeter side.

Sabrina Williams
Washington, D.C.

Sabrina is a software engineer currently based out of Washington, D.C. (even though her permanent home is in Redwood City, CA). Her main job doesn't involve much coding these days, which is why she loves spending her free time working on Bottle Bracket! She also loves listening to Old Time Radio shows. Sabrina's favorite wines are sweet white wines, but that's because she's barely graduated from wine coolers and she's hoping Bottle Bracket will help her expand her horizons.