What is Bottle Bracket?

Bottle Bracket is an interactive wine club centered around a blind wine tasting game you play with friends. When you sign up for Bottle Bracket, every three months you will receive 4 bottles of wine sourced by us with the labels covered up. Included in your first shipment, you will also receive the Bottle Bracket game board, playing cards and tasting cups.

Can I cancel my membership?

Please email us at info@bottlebracket.com and we will help you out! 

How much does Bottle Bracket cost?

Bottle Bracket costs $100 plus shipping and tax per shipment. Each shipment includes 4 bottles of wine that would normally retail between $20 and $40. If you sign up for the club, you will be charged this amount every three months.

How much wine do I receive?

You will receive four bottles of wine with the labels covered up, every three months. In your shipment, you will also receive your game board, the playing cards and tasting cups.

When does Bottle Bracket ship?

Bottle Bracket ships on the first of March, June, September and december. 

Where will you ship?

For now, because compliance with Federal and state alcohol laws is very costly, we plan to only ship to California. 

Can I split the payment of my membership with my friends who play?

If you sign up for Bottle Bracket and want to split the payment with friends, you can send your friends an easy Venmo invite. You'll be prompted to do so when you sign up for your first shipment, and then every three months, we'll send you an email with a link when we ship your wine.

What happens if my wine is damaged during shipment?

All of our wine shipments are fully insured so if any of your wine is damaged, we'll resend you a new shipment on us! Just send us an email at info@bottlebracket.com.

Can I buy the Bottle Bracket game board only?

Of course! You can find that item in our wine store! 

What is a Bottle Bracket profile?

Every person who plays Bottle Bracket, whether they are a member who pays for and receives the wine, or just plays the game, should create a Bottle Bracket profile (coming to the site in April!). Your Bottle Bracket profile tracks your scores and your favorite wines from each game. It also allows you to see what other wines Bottle Bracket members are enjoying the most!

Can I buy more of the wines that I loved playing with?

Yes; you can find all of the wines you have played with in our Bottle Bracketwine store.